Why Choose Senior Advisors?

Nurse Talking With An Elderly Woman

If you are concerned about a loved one who needs ongoing care and you’re not sure where to turn, the care managers at Unicity’s Senior Advisors can help. Our caring team of senior care professionals will assist you with planning and problem-solving as well as implementing solutions to alleviate stress and ensure your loved one receives the best care possible. The care manager assigned to you and your loved one will be either a licensed social worker or a registered nurse with extensive experience working with the senior community. In addition, they’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you know you’ll always be able to reach someone in your time of need.

Unicity Healthcare Senior Advisors offer peace of mind

No matter which services you choose, we will develop a relationship of trust with you and your loved one. We want our clients to feel more secure and independent and less lonely and isolated. We take our mission very seriously, and we hope you’ll think of Senior Advisors as an extension of your family. With this in mind, we offer a variety of senior care services, including:

Care coordination and management

Senior Advisors provides a wide range of personalized services as well as continuity of care through weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits with your loved one. Senior Advisors can arrange and take your loved one to medical appointments and provide appropriate assistance after a stay in a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation center. Our goal is to alleviate stress on the patient, family, and caregivers, which is why we also provide follow-up reports and stay in close contact with the family and responsible parties.

Assessments and care plans

If your loved one has been recently diagnosed or has changing care needs and you’re not sure how to proceed, Senior Advisors can perform a comprehensive evaluation of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial functions to determine the safest living arrangements and care plan. In addition, a review of legal, financial, insurance and government program considerations will be performed to provide you with a complete picture. A written care plan and a follow-up meeting will help you and your loved one understand what to expect so you have a clear idea of how to move ahead.

Customized Care and Professional Advice

While comprehensive care coordination and management can bring peace of mind and lift a huge weight off your shoulders, your loved one may not need this level of extensive care at the present time. That’s why we offer services that match your unique needs. These services include:

  • Complex medical care management
  • Accompany to medical appointments
  • Dementia Activity plan development
  • Comprehensive assessment and care plan development
  • Client Advocacy
  • Consultation and referrals
  • Counseling
  • Crisis resolution
  • Dementia Training and Education
  • Legal, financial, and insurance review
  • Long-term care planning
  • Medication Management
  • Placement Assistance

Let Unicity Healthcare Help You Care for Your Loved One

With our client-centered approach, Unicity Healthcare Senior Advisors bring peace of mind to families with loved ones living in Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic, Hudson, Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset, Middlesex and Union Counties and the greater New York area with locations throughout New Jersey. 

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