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In the United States alone, an estimated 14 million people live with a hoarding disorder, a condition that can diminish safety and quality of life. Seniors are especially vulnerable to hoarding, as mobility issues, certain health conditions, and one’s mental and emotional state can all contribute to the out-of-control accumulation of household items, food, and more. To assist your loved one with a hoarding disorder, Unicity Healthcare offers hoarding disorder assistance that addresses its root causes and restores order.

What Are Hoarding Disorders?

Hoarding disorders are characterized by the excessive saving of items ranging from clothing and magazines to boxes and even trash. Affected individuals experience extreme difficulty in discarding these items, viewing them as an irreplaceable source of comfort. And while many people keep large collections of beloved items related to a hobby or interest, those with hoarding disorders accumulate items without regard to monetary or sentimental value.

This often results in dangerously crowded living spaces, hallways, and more. Other consequences of hoarding include:

Assessing the Situation

Because hoarding disorders can impose physical and emotional distress on your loved ones, Unicity Healthcare takes a personalized, step-by-step approach to each individual’s situation. The process begins with a visit from one of our Senior Advisors, all of whom are registered nurses or licensed social workers, to establish the trusting relationship needed to bring about positive change. In close collaboration with family members, he or she will help devise a cleanup plan that improves safety and quality of life.

The need for trust, compassion, and respect is one of the primary reasons hoarding disorder assistance can be so challenging. That’s why our Senior Advisors and caregivers are committed to analyzing the whole picture – not just which items should be disposed of. Through frequent, caring interactions, they’ll help determine the conditions that led to hoarding, including medical disorders, dementia, and emotional concerns. With a clear picture of your loved one’s needs, our team will provide the resources needed for recovery.

A Comprehensive Solution

Our Senior Advisors and caregivers handle every hoarding case with the utmost sensitivity, taking necessary actions at the right time for your loved one. Once parameters are established for the cleanup process, we’ll focus on steady progress toward organizing essential belongings, discarding unnecessary and/or hazardous items, and deep cleaning every room to create the healthiest and safest environment possible.

Throughout the process, we’ll also coordinate appointments for psychiatric evaluations, psychological therapy, and any medical needs that arise, as well as assist with medication management. If necessary, we’ll arrange for exterminators, mold specialists, plumbers, and other professionals to repair home damage caused by hoarding. Additionally, we advocate on our clients’ behalf to resolve expired checks, damaged documents, and other issues with entities such as the Social Security Administration.

Find Help for Hoarding Disorders

When your loved one has been negatively affected by a hoarding disorder, Unicity Healthcare is committed to providing the support and assistance needed to address all the complexities of the problem. Our client-focused approach centers the unique needs of your parent or spouse, ensuring a safe, comfortable environment that’s free from clutter and hazards. To learn more, please call 201-670-7100 or visit one of our convenient New Jersey locations today.

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