Unicity Homecare FAQs

Yes, we are licensed as a Healthcare Service Firm by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

Yes, all our caregivers are certified by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and/or the Department of Health and Senior Services. Additionally, to be eligible to work for Unicity Homecare, all caregivers must successfully pass several interviews, background checks, competency exams and personality tests. They regularly undergo routine in-house and on-the-job training.

We are a people company servicing people.
Our entire company revolves around a customized approach to care because every individual is unique. The quality of our services has been recognized by the most professional healthcare organizations in the area: hospital, Assisted Living facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospice companies and many other healthcare professionals.

Yes, we do employ all our caregivers and assume all our employees’ related taxes and insurances.

Yes, if you have a long term care insurance company, we can fill out the claims for you and provide your carrier with all the information required. We also assist our clients in verifying eligibility and organizing the appropriate information to obtain various benefits, including the VA’s Aid & Attendance Program, Alzheimer’s Association Respite Program, and others.

Yes, we do have a written policy and procedure manual, and we take each employee through it on the very first day of employment.

Yes, you may stop our services whenever you decide to. You simply need to give us written notice (by mail, email or fax) 48 hours in advance.

Yes, our client’s satisfaction is what matters to us the most.

Our clients come first in everything we do. We are very hands on and accessible 24/7.

In case of an emergency, all Unicity employees are required to call 911 and then the agency.

Most of the services we provide, including companionship, personal care and domestic duties, are considered non-medical services and therefore do not require a prescription. Under some circumstances, and only to perform medical services, we will need a physician’s prescription.

Unicity focuses on providing non-medical services. However, given our medical capabilities and our extensive network of connections, we can either provide or coordinate medical services for existing clients. We can also provide nursing services.
Our focus is on providing the best care and we do not compromise on quality.

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