Cognitive Stimulation and Activities Planning

Dementia Care Specialist Works With Seniors

For seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, memory loss is a primary concern. As symptoms progress, it can become difficult to complete daily activities, maintain relationships with loved ones, and live independently. Unicity Healthcare provides cognitive stimulation and activities for dementia patients to help slow the progression of these conditions and encourage meaningful engagement. With guidance from experienced Senior Advisors, your loved one can improve mental clarity and continue to find joy in the things they love most.

Personalized Solutions

When a new client and their family begin to work with Unicity Healthcare, they quickly discover how our cognitive activity planning makes all the difference when it comes to homecare. We start by getting to know every individual during an initial geriatric case assessment. Each client is assigned a Senior Advisor who will be a registered nurse or social worker with extensive experience in care for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The Senior Advisor will work with the client to build a trusting relationship and learn all they can about their family life, hobbies, and former career.

This process involves family members, neighbors, doctors, and other key people in the client’s life. With a clear picture of their personal history, interests, and relationships, the Senior Advisor can create an activity plan based on the types of cognitive stimulation that will prove most effective.

Meaningful Activities That Spark Joy

Identifying the activities that support cognitive stimulation can be challenging, even for family members who are extremely close. As cognitive abilities change, a person may no longer recall recent events, important life changes, and even a spouse or child. Because of this, the most meaningful activities for each client are often drawn from more distant memories and lifelong passions. From playing music and taking part in a faith community to embracing the skills of a former career, the Senior Advisor will identify the best opportunities for cognitive stimulation and use them to create a plan that keeps clients actively engaged with the things that bring them joy.

Utilizing the Activity Plan

The finalized cognitive stimulation and activity plan may be administered in several ways. After completion by the Senior Advisor, you’ll receive written documentation of the plan and an in-depth review. At this point, a dementia care specialist can work directly with the client to administer activities. Training is also available for family members to accommodate you and your loved one’s preferences.

For those receiving homecare services, activities can also be carried out by our dedicated, experienced CCHAs and CNAs along with support for daily activities, meal preparation, medication reminders, and more. And for your peace of mind, all Unicity Healthcare caregivers undergo specialized dementia training with extensive work in validation therapy to ensure safe, happy, and failure-free outcomes. 

Give Your Loved One the Individualized Cognitive Stimulation They Need

As part of a comprehensive care plan that addresses physical, cognitive, and psychosocial well-being, an activity plan provides the stimulation your loved one needs to achieve the highest quality of life while living with dementia. For more information about dementia care management from Unicity Healthcare, please contact us by calling 201-670-7100 or visiting one of our easily accessible locations throughout New Jersey. With help from our Senior Advisors, you can find the dementia care solutions your loved one deserves.

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