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Social Work Month

One of the most rewarding career paths in the United States can be found in the field of social work. Hard-working social workers dedicate their lives to assisting others through a broad range of problems they may be facing. Because this type of work will often go unnoticed, Social Work Month was created to raise awareness and give a token of appreciation for the people in the profession. As an employer of many social workers, Unicity Healthcare is proud to celebrate their efforts every March. Here’s a closer look at why Social Work Month matters.

What Is Social Work?

At its core, the goal of social work is to help others. This can take form in a variety of ways, making the social work field extremely broad and diverse. Most often, social workers will strive to assist those who are in need because of some injustice or disadvantage outside of their control. Some of the popular areas of social work include:

  • Child Welfare: Social workers can work as counselors or caseworkers for children who have experienced the loss of a parent or other unfortunate circumstance that leaves them vulnerable.
  • Healthcare: Navigating the world of healthcare can be complicated. Medical social workers work with people through this journey to alleviate financial and mental health concerns.
  • Substance Abuse: People who struggled with addiction can benefit from social workers in rehabilitation centers and clinics that deliver support and counseling, helping them to overcome their disease.

Celebrating Social Work

There are over 700,000 social works in the United States who often work selflessly behind the scenes to make life better for others. To celebrate their work and give them a moment in the spotlight, Social Work Month was created in 1955 by the National Association of Social Workers.

Social Work Month takes place in March every year, highlighted by special events and promotions that raise awareness of the profession. Each year has a special theme that draws attention to a specific aspect of social work. Past slogans include:

  • Advocates. Champions.
  • Elevate Social Work
  • Generations Strong

Social Work and Geriatric Health

With age, people often require special attention to help them with their daily needs. Geriatric social workers assist the elderly with these functions in various healthcare settings or at home. At Unicity Healthcare, all of our homecare is administered by licensed aides and supervised by a registered nurse.

For each patient, we devise an individualized care plan that will address each person’s specific needs. Our broad range of caregiving services includes restroom assistance, schedule planning, medication reminders, and more. We also have specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care conducted by leaders in home care and geriatric care management who have completed our rigorous dementia training course.

Show Appreciation Every March

Everybody deserves recognition for their hard work, and Social Work Month helps the large population of social workers in this country feel appreciated. If you are under the care of a social worker, take the time this March to show your appreciation with a small gift or just a sincere thank you. If you or a family member could use our personalized care services, please contact Unicity Healthcare today.

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