The Role Of Home Health Aide And The Many Services They Provide

As experts in the homecare field, Unicity Healthcare understands that no two clients are the same, and, as such, we develop an individualized service plan, incorporating all aspects of the person’s life and family.  The steps involved in this process is vital in creating the Unicity Homecare approach, one that stresses personalization, dedication and quality care.

Unicity Healthcare is licensed as a Healthcare Service Firm by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (New Jersey Office of the Attorney General).  We have become a reference in the healthcare community and a trusted partner to the most renowned hospitals, facilities, lawyers and financial institutions. We are also a preferred provider of the Alzheimer’s Association of New Jersey through their Helpline.

In our blog, we discuss what home care is, and how our home care aides can help your senior loved ones who may require this type of assistance.  We also share a video clip from our intake coordinator, Allie Nolfo, who described the role of home health aide and how she can help you navigate the way to obtain services for your aging loved one.

When To Seek Home Health Care

Patients are usually most comfortable at home, surrounded by family and friends who give them the support they need to cope.

At Unicity Healthcare, we provide non-medical and medical home care services to our clients. Our services are customized and range from a few hours per day to 24/7 (live-in). Our licensed, trained and experienced Home Health Aides can assist you or your loved one with maintaining a daily routine, from bathing, eating, socializing, or simply going for a walk outside.

Our mission is to help our clients stay in their familiar surroundings, remain independent and live an active, healthy, and happy life. All our services are provided by licensed aides (CHHAs or CNAs), and supervised by a Registered Nurse, who, in collaboration with the client and his/her family, develops a customized plan of care. We also keep our clients’ families updated regularly on the situation of their loved ones, and we provide guidance when necessary.

While our services are mostly delivered at the client’s home, we also provide services to those residing in assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, nursing homes, rehabs, and hospitals. We understand that a person’s home is a person’s home, whether it be the house they lived in for many years or the assisted living facility they recently moved to.

What Is Home Care?

Home care includes a range of medical, social, assistive and other services provided in an individual’s home when a person needs follow‐up care after a hospital visit or requires long term care.

These comprehensive services are provided by nurses, therapists, home health aides and other direct‐care staff under the direction of a physician’s order. The focus of these patient‐centered services includes prevention, recuperation, and/or an alternative to higher‐cost institutional care that would otherwise be provided in a hospital or nursing facility.

Generally, home care services are appropriate whenever a person prefers to stay at home, or is homebound, but needs ongoing care.

Patients receiving home care include: newborns and mothers eligible for maternal infant care services; young children and adults in need of at‐home therapy or advanced technology‐based care and support; elderly patients who benefit from the services of a skilled nurse to help treat chronic medical conditions; patients receiving wound care following surgery; or individuals with disabilities who may be homebound and require assistive services to meet activities of daily living, such as feeding, bathing, and other forms of self‐care.


The Role Of Home Health Care Aide

Home health aides provide basic services to elderly, ill, or disabled persons. They travel to their patient’s own homes or to a nursing care facility. In many cases, their care is a big part of what allows a person to continue living in her own home and not have to move to a nursing home or another setting.

Duties provide by a health care aide may vary according to client needs.  Some health care aides require health training, which is what distinguishes a health aide from a personal care aide. For example:

  • Home health aides take vital signs, and they assist patients in moving from the bed to the bathroom and/ or change bedpans and garments, and they can administer basic medications. With additional education, they may operate certain medical equipment (for example, ventilators.)
  • Home health care aides may drive patients to and from medical appointments
  • Home health care aides They may assist them in purchasing groceries and preparing meals; and must be sure to follow specific dietary guidelines.
  • Home health aide may need to change bedding, assist with dressing the client and help with basic grooming.
  • Some home health care aides work with clients that need round-the-clock care, while others travel back and forth to the home several times a day.

The home health care aide is in regular communication with a case manager or other supervisor; and documentation is vital part of their job.

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In the video clip below, our intake coordinator Allie Nolfo describes the role of home health aide, and the many services they can provide:


Unicity’s caregivers are Certified Home Health Aides (CHHAs), Certified Nurses’ Aides (CNAs), Registered Nurses (RNs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). All our aides undergo regular training and are in constant contact with a supervising Nurse while working with a client. 

Unicity belongs to the prestigious National Association of Professional Senior Advisors. Our Senior Advisors are either Registered Nurses or Licensed Social Workers, with extensive experience working with the elderly community. Taking a client centered approach, our Senior Advisors assist in problem solving, planning and implementation of solutions.

We assist our clients and their families in multiple ways, and we are available 24/7. 


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If your aging senior needs extra help and support and may be in need of geriatric or in-home care, Unicity Healthcare is here to help. Unicity Healthcare’s geriatric care managers work closely with families to provide the assistance and peace of mind they need.

Our integrated care management services bring peace of mind to our clients and their families. By integrated we mean that our Care Managers, who are either highly experienced geriatric Social Workers or Registered Nurses, act as the glue that holds the care process together. Our scope of intervention and expertise is broad. There is always a solution and we are here to help!

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