International Hummus Day- Let’s Talk about Eating Healthy!

Did you know that the earliest mention of hummus dates to the 13th century in Egypt! Hummus has many benefits: low in saturated fat, high in fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates. Hummus can easily become part of your healthy eating habits.
The main tips nutritionists give to eating healthy are to drink water, eat vegetables, eat lean proteins, and so on! But how do we make the change in lifestyle? One step at a time! Did you know that it takes about 20-30 times for something to become a habit.
SMART goals are my favorite way to start achieving goals in my life. Here is what SMART stands for:
Suggestions: Each week or maybe each month (tailor it to what you can manage) introduce a new vegetable to your dinner rotations or substitute a new healthy snack like hummus. Another version can be to take away or decrease one unhealthy food/drink. Setting specific, small goals are attainable and will boost confidence to continue your journey to a healthy lifestyle!
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